Thermostat 5/16-12 Manf. Invensys Appliance Controls

Thermostat 5/16-12     Manf. Invensys Appliance Controls
Item# 275-3123-01
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Product Description

Thermostat 5/16-12 Description Thermostats Single pole rated at 25 amps with max temp rating at 107F. Best results are obtained when the bulb is installed in a dry well or groove tube at or immediately before the heater. This is a safety device! If it is found to be out of calibration, do not attempt to perform a field adjustment! Replace bad thermostat with a new one Capillary Length: 12" Bulb Thickness: 5/16" Identical to: IAC275312301 605195 T-STAT5/16-12 6275-28 Manf. Invensys Appliance Controls Manf. # 275-3123-01 Part used in: Waterpik Laars Spaworks Electric in-line heater Manatee/Purex Islander and others. Identical to: IAC275312301 275-3123-01 605195 T-STAT5/16-12 6275-28

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