PCB: LX-15 NUMERIC REV 1.31 (PRE 2001)

PCB: LX-15 NUMERIC REV 1.31 (PRE 2001)
Item# 3-60-0123
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Product Description

PCB: LX-15 NUMERIC REV 1.31 (PRE 2001)

ALSO USED FOR LX-Allied Code: 3-60-0123

OEM Code: 9920-200975

Brand: Spa Builders by Allied Innovations

Overview Also Used For LX20 Plus Rev 1.31

Replacement Option For: PCB: LX15/Sweetwater H and M 98-9 AI # SD6000-217 / MFG # 6000-217

Replacement Fuses: F1 Fuse = AI # 5-60-0260 F4 Fuse = AI # 5-60-0308

Note: Topsides For Rev 1.23 and 1.31 Software Are No Longer Available. If Topside is in Question, Replace PCB and Topside With the Following: PCB: LX-15 Alpha Rev 5.31 AI # 3-60-0119 / MFG # 9920-200972 Topside: LX15 6 Button AI # 3-00-0140

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