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As part of our continues improvement program the in.k155 remote stereo control will be replaced by a new keypad the in.k175. The two top sides compare as follows:

• The in.k175 has superior water proofing, improved back sealing and going for an in-the-shell approach. • Both top sides use the same connector that are pin compatible. An in.k175 can be used to replace an in.k155 in the field. • Both top sides have exactly the same length and width. The in.k175 is considerably lower hence will fit an existing recess that was done for an in.k155 • The in.k175 is a top side that is installed in the shell (see cut-out drawing) as opposed to the in.k155 which is installed on the shell (requires a hole to be drilled for the cable feed through). • For those customers that prefer not have their dealers/techs do a cut-out in the field we have developed a spacer ring for the in.k175 with which the installation becomes like an on-the-shell-installation.

Note that the height of the in.k175 with spacer is slightly higher then the height of the in.k155 (by 0,19’’ higher). Please make sure that your spa configuration supports this. If it doesn’t you will have no choice but to go with a cut-out for field replacement

Please note that the k155 will be no longer available for production and service purpose.

Models available: 0707-005005; IN.K175-BK-SPA-AE1 Auxiliary audio keypad in.K175, black, for in.TUNE, for spas, waterproof mini-DIN cable, extension cable 20’, with Aeware overlay

0707-005006; IN.K175-BK-SPA-AE1 FOR SERVICE Auxiliary audio keypad in.K175, black, for in.TUNE, for spas, waterproof mini-DIN cable, with Aeware overlay, for service replacement without extension cable, with option spacer ring and adhesive.

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