PCB,BALBOA,M1R1(Generic)Super Dup Dig(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)

PCB,BALBOA,M1R1(Generic)Super Dup Dig(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)
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PCB,BALBOA,M1R1(Generic)Super Dup Dig(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)
Board, Super Duplex Digital/M1 PCB,BALBOA,M1R1(Generic)Super Dup Dig(P1-P2-BL-CIRC-OZ-LT)Description Duplex Digital and Super Digital/M-1 This board requires a 120v power supply and can work with any DuplexDigital. It is found on the Balboa M-1 system

Chip Number Note:Balboa produces many different boards for various manufacturers. To correctly identify a replacement board, the chip number near the center of the board would be required. Identical to: BAL54091 611154 9710-15 Manf. Balboa Manf. # 54091

Identical to: 50973, 51686, 51692, 51786, 54091, B2DGDPR2A, BH50D, BSEV50, BSUN50D, CAT100R1A, CAT100R1B, GRDELTR1A, H50DR1A, H50DR2A, HPL1000R1C, HS50R1B, HS50R1C, LB102R1A, LB102R1C, M1R1B, MAS200R1B, MAS225R1A, MAS225R1B, Q2002R1A, WS75R1B, BAL54091, 611154, 9710-15View

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