Balboa M7 15" 4.0 kW Spa Heater Assembly [2" x 2"] W/Stud (58104)

Balboa M7 15" 4.0 kW Spa Heater Assembly [2" x 2"] W/Stud (58104)
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Balboa M7 15" 4.0 kW Spa Heater Assembly [2" x 2"] W/Stud (58104)
Balboa M7 15" 4.0 kW Spa Heater Assembly [2" x 2"] W/Stud (58104) Description Heater Assy,BALBOA(M7)VS/EL,Flo-Thru,S/S,4.0kW,240V,2" x 15" w/2 Sensors P/N 53605,w/2 Mtg Studs,w/2" T Pcs,(Plastic Box Sys) Allied Code: 2-00-0056 OEM Code: 58104 HEATER ASSEMBLY: 4.0KW W/SENSORS EL2000 Product Description:

Balboa Spa Heaters With M7® Technology

Balboa's M7 Control Systems are the most advanced spa controls ever developed. We created the first reliable electronic spa control nearly twenty years ago and M7 technology is the biggest breakthrough since. By coupling our unique, patented software and design with state-of-the-art materials, M7 technology provides you a more reliable system that is less expensive to install and maintain. M7 controls are intended to accommodate the most demanding new spa designs and advanced water temperature management into the new millennium.

Balboa's cutting-edge product design and commitment to the advancement in technology continues to make us the leader in the spa industry. Our M7 spa heaters are just another great example of our serious commitment to quality and innovative design. You can rest assured in knowing that you have the highest quality products available whether you are purchasing a spa replacement heater or have been fortunate to have genuine Balboa Water Group (BWG) products already installed in your hot tub or spa.

Here are some of the great features available in our M7 patented technology spa heaters:

Spa Heater Tube: •No welds required on tube •316 stainless steel available •Front mounted •Easier to service

Spa Heater Element: •Incoloy & Titanium material options •Enlarged bend radius •No tie wires •Minimizes debris buildup •Maximizes flow through •3/8" hex nut connectors for added stability and contact area

Smart Sensor Technology: •Both sensors are identical •Sensors monitor each other via software to regulate spa function (water flow, temperature) •Assures a proper operating environment for the heating element •Multiple high limit safety systems •All safety functions are always active •Eliminates excessive cycling •Automatically adapts to flow direction •Detects flow restrictions such as a dirty filter or slice valve •Minimizes calcium buildup on the element

Standardized Sensor Placement: •No sensor installation in spa wall •No pressure switch problems •No sensor mount •Pretested with sensors in place •No external sensor wires •Reduces installation costs/errors •May be plumbed from the suction or pressure side •Easy to service and troubleshoot

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