Balboa Board,SUV Digital (M7 Technology)

Balboa Board,SUV Digital (M7 Technology)
Item# 52532-02
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Product Description

Board,SUV Digital (M7 Technology) Manf. Balboa Manf. # 52532-02

Identical to: 52532, 52532-01, 52532-02, 52645, STD05R1A, SUVR1B, BAL52532, 9710-32, 52532-01, Description SUV Replacement Boards Replacement boards for SUV Systems. This board is compatible with Lite Duplex Digital panels. The following topside(s) are compatible with the above circuit board: 52144,54094,54135,51676,54105

Balboa circuit boards are marked with a “Chip Number” that is located on a white label placed on the logic chip near the center of the board. It is imperative that this number is supplied to The spa Mechanic Inc. for proper circuit board match. Just because boards may look similar the programming may not allow it to work properly in all applications.

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